Eventos Pasados

International Conference on Accelerator Optimization

07/10/2015 · 09/10/2015

The oPAC consortium is organizing a 3-day International Conference on Accelerator Optimization in Seville, Spain from 7th to 9th October 2015. The conference will be hosted by oPAC partner University of Seville/Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA). This International Conference will be an ideal place to present and discuss research advances in beam dynamics, accelerator diagnostics and advanced simulation tools. It will feature talks about the research outcomes from oPAC by fellows and research leaders from across the world. It will also present the opportunity for 15-minute long contributed talks and posters and to discuss future R&D activities in this multi-disciplinary field. Following a peer-review process selected proceedings will be published in a special edition of Physical Review STAB.

Taller de Altas Energías (TAE 2015)

20/09/2015 · 02/10/2015

The Taller de Altas Energías (TAE) is a yearly school aimed at completing the education of first and second year graduated students who are starting their research on experimental or theoretical High Energy Physics, Astroparticles and Cosmology. The program of the TAE School combines courses and individual work supervised by tutors. Lectures will be delivered in the mornings, whereas Tutorials and Special Talks on selected topics will be reserved for the afternoons. Students will work through the solutions of problems proposed by lecturers with the help of tutors. All students are also encouraged to present and discuss their work during specific sessions (Student Seminars).

Re-writing Nuclear Physics textbooks: 30 years of radioactive ion beam physics

20/07/2015 · 24/07/2015

The scope of the activity is twofold. First we will celebrate 30 years since the first genuine work on radioactive ion beams (RIBs) used to study properties of atomic nuclei. Since then Low Energy Nuclear Physics research fed by experiments at various facilities all over the world has experienced a great revival supported by widespread theoretical efforts which have changed deeply our understanding of nuclei and their interactions. The second scope of the event is to attract and educate the best possible students introducing them to the wonders of Physics with RIBs. We shall try to convey to such students a view of the rich variety of on-going activities in the field, both experimental and theoretical such that the progresses we have made in the last 30 years can be developed further in the future.


16/07/2015 · 17/07/2015

El CERN, gracias a sus 60 años de existencia, se ha convertido en el en el mayor centro de aceleradores del mundo para física de altas energías y física nuclear. Al mismo tiempo, el Consejo Europeo le ha otorgado la prestigiosa misión de liderar la revolución tecnológica de la próxima generación de aceleradores y detectores. Estas jornadas serán la ocasión única de repasar los aspectos que han contribuido al éxito del LHC, desde los desafíos tecnológicos, contribuciones de la industria y finalizando con las aportaciones a la sociedad. La estrategia del CERN será presentada analizando la valiosa contribución de España en estas áreas de la física, de la tecnología y el notable impacto en la sociedad.

International Scientific Meeting on Nuclear Physics

01/06/2015 · 05/06/2015

This International Summer School on Nuclear Physics is specially intended for PhD students and young postdocs working in the field of Nuclear Physics who are interested in enlarging their background on this subject although, of course, senior physicists are welcome. The proposed list of topics covers different aspects of Nuclear Physics from a multidisciplinary perspective. The speakers are scientists of international relevance and well known experts in their fields.

eNLarge Horizons

18/05/2015 · 05/06/2015

This workshop aims at gathering together researchers working on Large N gauge Theories from different perspectives. The workshop will cover various topics including the following: Phenomenological applications of large N gauge theories; Large N gauge theories on the lattice; Volume independence/large N equivalences/Matrix models; Gravity duals/AdS-CFT; Correspondence/Connection with String theory; Other aspects: High order perturbation theory/resurgence/etc.